Tree Agate

The tree agate, also known as the Agate of Plenitude because it is thought to bring bountiful abundance in a plentiful harvest, is a dendritic agate that contains crystal formations that develop into tree-like and branch-likecryptocrystalline patterns, hence its name. 

These are called dendrites and this foliage-looking attraction casts a spell for wearers either to project for others to appreciate, or to enjoy as one’s own, as in the case of its functions for healing.

Agates are types of chalcedony and quartz that marvels bearers and viewers with their good looks, charming charms, and for many a belief in their otherworldly healing powers. They come in a wide range of colors, attributes, and behavior depending on their surroundings, application, or metaphysical properties.

tree agate

Tree agate in particular comes with a bevy of other qualities that may seem farfetched but that upon closer inspection clearly marks a connection between them. 

This includes tree agate being known as a stone of inner tranquility, a talisman for general protection, a stone that encourages a connection with nature, helping one overcome negativity, or otherwise being popular for their association with nature, health, and self-empowerment.

As far as ornaments go, tree agate goes beyond fashion and is also used as religious ornaments, particularly in the ancient cultures of the east, including Egypt and India.

In this article, we’re going to explore the fascinating and even provocative wonder that is the tree agate.

Inner Peace from Tree Agate

While there is quiet, worldly energy rooted in any agate gemstone, possibly by dint of its being a part of the Earth’s formation in more ways than time, the tree agate especially has the calming, heart-filling energy in spades.

This brings about a host of additional effects, not the least of which is bringing a sense of inner tranquility and peace, qualities that extend a calmness in mind, body, and spirit that easily manifests itself in the bearer’s constitution. 

This in turn and in time brings inner stability that while it is a quality among many agates, is especially amplified in tree agate, enabling its user a conviction, security, and composure that becomes the basis for various beneficial effects like improving relationships, boosting the immune system alongside one’s confidence, and balancing energies in the body.

When it comes to tree agate, from one stone, many benefits branch out like the tendrils inside of it.

Where to find tree agate

Eye agates are generally rare. Still, there are places that are known for producing eye agates. The Great Lakes area in the United States and Botswana in South Africa are places well known for producing these stones. Other places where you can find these stones are India, China, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, and Scotland. If we talk about the specific locations, they can be found in:

  1. Aurangabad District in Maharashtra, India
  2. East Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, Iran
  3. Trapper Creek Mine in Big Horn County, Wyoming
  4. The Souris Gravel Pit in Manitoba, Canada
  5. Amethyst Sage Mine in Humboldt County, Nevada

Fun Fact: Tree Agate is usually mistaken for Moss Agates due to their green appearance.

Tree Agate Properties

Tree agate brings a delicious serving of a dish called paradox: It is believed to be a stone that is powerful and provides powerful effects, yet at the same time is also known to be like a calming agent that brings inner peace and fulfillment. Yin and Yang, and neatly wrapped in the same package.

If you have that combination of calm in a high-stress situation while also having the agency of powerful influence that you can bring to bear on the said situation, then you can ideally maneuver any situation to your bidding; a recipe for success in any endeavor, amplified to eleven.

Read on to see more of the various properties attributed to tree agate.

Physical Properties

Tree agate is typically white, grey, or colorless. You can find black or brown traces of color in them due to the presence of manganese or iron. These stones are either translucent or opaque. The hardness of tree agate can range from 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale. 

Metaphysical properties

Tree agate has amazing healing power. They are used during meditations to calm the mind. They are helpful in dealing with imbalances in the nervous system. They can be used to alter the emotional imbalances happening in your heart.

Geological Properties

The distinct branching and foliage-like patterns in dendritic agate like tree agate and moss agate are a result of manganese and iron oxides finding their way into the cracks of white quartz as the tree agate stone forms.

Such stones look similar and are mistaken to be the same, but they have different mineral traces creating their own unique, usually-green branch-like patterns reminiscent of their provenance. Unlike moss agate, tree agate displays a white matrix instead of transparent quartz.

That said, tree agate, like moss agate, is commonly found in various continents around the world, including the western United States; in Asia such as China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and India (this being among the most popular sources), Australia in Oceania, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay in Latin America, Madagascar and Namibia in Africa, among others. (See more in the section above about where to find tree agate.)

Crystal Healing properties

Healing crystals like the properties of tree agate are believed to be able to boost the immune system, balance water in the body, improve mental functions, harmonize the energy in your body, reduce the effect of germs and bring relief from cold and fever. You can also use tree agate to improve your digestion system, help with skeletal disorders, and even believed to improve your blood pressure by helping with blood flow and expanding your blood vessels. No joke. 

But there’s more about it than just the generalities.

Tree Agate as an emotional healing crystal

Tree agate helps with a host of healing properties, likely borne by its distinctive bands and swirls of green that give it a natural, earthly aesthetic.

White tree agate is believed to be among the healing crystals able to provide physical healing, it is known for an assortment of emotional benefits from its quiet energy.

  • Harmonize energy in the body. Tree agate fundamentally begins with this, and as shown below, branches out (pardon the pun) to a host of other benefits
  • Balance chakra. Particularly the heart chakra and crown chakra.
  • Breeds calmness and stability of mind. Healing properties like this also have many after-effects, as shown below.
  • Strengthens relationships. Ideally by way of a better constitution from the other benefits such as calm and energy harmony, but also a tree agate bias towards resolving relational and emotional problems.
  • Infusion of positive energy. And its corollary, the removal of negative energies and negative emotions
  • Promotes productivity. Tree agate, after all, is a beautiful stone of abundance.
  • Promotes resourcefulness. It brings energies of fullness and plenitude, allowing ingenuity and initiative to complement and work for you.
  • Aids in Grounding. Helps one detach from emotional pain.

Tree agate: related monikers

Tree Agate, like many agates in general, can be found in a wide variety of regions. As such, it had come to be known by different names and designations, including:

  • Dendritic Agate
  • Stone of Plentitude (a.k.a. Stone of Abundance)
  • Mocha Stone
  • Mosquito Stone
  • Gratitude Stone

A Cautionary Note

Be Careful of Empty Claims. While the humble agate has the potential to provide its bearer with many a bountiful gift, it is important to also note that for people who believe in the spiritual, metaphysical, and healing properties of such healing crystals for example, including the tree agate (more on this below), that care must be taken with claims about the ranging benefits provided by agate stones. This is because they are more abundant than even perhaps the stone. 

Tree agate, for example, is thought to— in a few of many claims— help one tune into the energy of Earth’s ancient trees for perseverance, bring opportunities your way, as well as bring one strong spiritual roots. There are real claims like these and there is a lot to unpack in that statement alone that you’ll see how easy it may be for people to be led astray by this.

First of all, the above claim of tree agate tuning into the energy of Earth’s ancient trees, is likely just somebody making something up because tree agate “looks like” branches of trees (or blood capillaries in a circulatory system), even though their formation from seismic history has nothing to do with trees, they just have the effect of seeming to look like them. And why “ancient” trees? Even though, these stones were made eons ago. On the part about “bringing one strong spiritual roots” just sounds like some platitudinous hogwash it almost doesn’t even mean anything.

So do take tree agate claims with a grain of salt, especially those that sound like a head-scratcher. 

That said, there are also known properties about tree agate that have been passed on over the centuries, and in their own right can have their own skeptics, but also loyal believers who swear by them, particularly by those who have experienced benefits they attribute directly or indirectly to tree agate. So buyer beware but know that channeled right, faith can be a wonderful thing that can surprise you with its results.

Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo

 Taurus and Virgo have love and friendship compatibility, and as such are the perfect pair to also happen to be the zodiac signs of tree agate. Encouraging a nurturing (like tree agate’s connection to nature beyond its tree-like looks), persistent willingness to work hard to get what they want out of life, they serve to symbolize tree agate’s calm and very same qualities.

Tree Agate used as jewelry

Yes, tree agate can be used to great effect in any jewelry collection. You can find this semi-precious stone being used on bracelets, pendants, or amulets.

The best thing about tree agate is that it is just as beautiful to look at even when it is not polished. 

When it is, and you have it in your person as jewelry or charm in your pocket, it’s like carrying around a piece of the resplendence of nature or a forest with you.