What is Tree Agate?

Tree Agates, which are also known by the name “Dendritic Agates”,  are not scientifically agates. The reason for this is the lack of banded cryptocrystalline silica. They belong to the quartz family. They are popular for their connection with nature, health, and self-empowerment. They are also considered as symbols of luck. 

In this post, you are going to learn everything related to Tree Agate. So, let’s get started.

tree agate

Tree Agates have cryptocrystalline patterns in them which look quite like tree branches. Hence, the name “Tree Agate”. 

If you look at the ancient cultures in India and Egypt, you will see that these semi-precious gemstones were used in religious ornaments. It is found in a wide variety of regions. Therefore, it has a lot of different names. The different names of this stone are  ‘Mocha Stone,’ ‘Mosquito Stone,’ ‘Stone of Plentitude,’ and ‘Gratitude Stone.’

Where can you find them?

Eye agates are generally rare. Still, there are places that are known for producing eye agates. The Great Lakes area in the United States and Botswana in South Africa are places well known for producing these stones. Other places where you can find these stones are India, China, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, and Scotland. If we talk about the specific locations, they can be found in:

  1. Aurangabad District in Maharashtra, India
  2. East Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, Iran
  3. Trapper Creek Mine in Big Horn County, Wyoming
  4. The Souris Gravel Pit in Manitoba, Canada
  5. Amethyst Sage Mine in Humboldt County, Nevada
Fun Fact: Tree Agates are usually mistaken for Moss Agates due to the green appearance.


It has been believed that this stone is very powerful. Read on to know the physical and metaphysical properties of this stone.

Physical Properties

These stones are typically white, grey or colorless. You can find black or brown traces of color in them due to the presence of manganese or iron. These stones are either translucent or opaque. The hardness of these stones can range from 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale. 

Metaphysical properties

These stones have amazing healing power. They are used during meditations to calm the mind. They are helpful in dealing with imbalances in the nervous system. They can be used to alter the emotional imbalances happening in your heart.

Healing properties

They can be used to reduce the effect of germs and bring relief from cold and fever. You can also use it to improve your digestion system. 

Astrological sign – Taurus

Can Tree Agates be used as jewelry?

Yes, Tree Agates can be used as jewelry. You can find this semi-precious stone being used bracelets, pendants, or amulets. The best thing about this stone is that it is very beautiful to look at even when it is not polished.