Purple Moss Agate

The Purple Moss Agate is one of the best Moss Agates you can find today. The piece looks so fascinating and charming that you will want to get it once you see it. It is pretty and you can wear it with a jewelry set. I bet you will get more attention than ever before. While this stone is certainly one of the best on the basis of looks, it has some amazing healing properties which make it all the more alluring.

purple agate

In this article, we are going to explain in detail the benefits you can get from wearing this semi-precious gemstone or simply having it around you. 

So, let’s get started.

Benefits of Purple Moss Agate

Emotional Benefits:

  • It enhances your sense of wellness.
  • It brings you wisdom and power. 
  • It refreshes your soul and makes you feel peaceful.

Psychological Benefits:

  • It calms the mind and makes you feel relaxed.
  • It enhances your imagination power.
  • It boosts your productivity.
  • It improves your psychic ability.
  • It makes you more creative.

Physical Benefits:

  • It calms the nerves and helps you get rid of nervousness.
  • It stimulates the body and makes it ready for newer challenges.

Metaphysical Benefits:

  • It is a stone of new beginnings.
  • It enhances feelings of spirituality from within.
  • It helps you see the beauty in all you behold.

Other Benefits:

  • It makes a great piece of jewelry.

Where can I find Purple Moss Agate?

Finding a Purple Moss Agate is not really difficult. Purple Moss Agate is unearthed from the Trenggalek area in Indonesia. It is then sent to various manufacturers all over the world. It is then crafted into gorgeous looking stones to be fitted into jewelry sets. So, you can find it in your jewelry store around you. You can also look for it in the online crystal stores.

Top 5 Purple Moss Agate Jewelry Ornaments

1. Purple Moss Agate Stone Unique Agate Collector Stone Necklace

purple moss agate jewelry

2. Purple Moss Agate Crystal

Purple Moss Agate

3. Cabochon of Moss Purple Agate

Cabochon of Moss Purple Agate

4. Natural Purple Moss Agate Gemstone Pendant

Natural Purple Moss Agate Gemstone Pendant

5. RARE Purple Moss Agate pendant

RARE Purple Moss Agate pendant