What is Plume Agate?

Plume agate is one of the many types of Agate you can find today. However, there are some unique and interesting things about this stone that makes it a favorite of crystal hunters. It is a type of agate that is characterized by its color. The colors can be reddish-brown and white. It is translucent and it has inscriptions within it which are naturally formed from years of transformation. 

Where can you find Plume Agate?

They can be found in abundance in the mines of Oregon and Colorado. There is a variety of Plume Agate which goes by the name Priday Plume Agate. It is found in Oregon. You can also find Graveyard Point Plumes in this region. There is another variety of this stone which goes by the name Del Norte Plume. It is found in Colorado. 

plume agate

What are the properties of this stone?

There are many beneficial properties of this precious stone. Some of them are mentioned below.

Physical Healing properties

  • It strengthens you from within.
  • It helps in improving vision.
  • It helps in improving memory and concentration power.
  • It helps in improving the analytical abilities of a person.
  • It helps in treating skin disorders.

Spiritual Healing properties

  • It helps you stabilize your inner self. 
  • It removes negative energies from the body.
  • It helps you understand the value of peace and harmony.
  • It helps you in making important decisions in life.
  • It helps you build self-confidence.
  • It cultivates feelings of positivity, love, and bravery. 
  • It helps you to link your consciousness to a superior power or divinity. 
  • It helps you in your spiritual journey and makes you ready for infinite growth and stability. 

Some interesting facts about this stone

• It was first mined from Oregon and Colorado, USA.

• You can find this stone in red-brown and white colors.

• It helps in the alignment of the seven chakras.

What colors at these stones available in?

These stones can be found in various colors – white, grey, brown, pink, red, black, orange and yellow. Besides these, you can find these stones with other combinations of colors such as red-brown and white. The distinctive colors that you see in these stones are due to the presence of iron oxides and hydroxides.

Where can I get one of these stones?

You can buy one of these from crystal stores near you. You can even find them online. However, you have to make sure that you are buying it from authentic sources and not just any dealer you come across. 

Final thoughts

Plume Agates have amazing healing powers. It can bring positivity to your life sooner than you think. Just make sure to get a genuine piece of this stone. To do this, you can take the help of professionals who have extensive knowledge of gemstones. They can surely help you get a genuine stone. You can also learn how to check the authenticity of gemstones. This is a sensible thing to do if you regularly collect stones.