What is Iris Agate

Iris Agate is a banded agate where you can view a beautiful display of colors when light is passed across it. It is a normal stone when you see it without light falling on it. The term “iris” in iris agate depicts the display of rainbow-like colors. This is the reason some people call it “Rainbow Agate”. The iris effect on this agate is due to the translucent or transparent parts on the stone which have fine bands in them.

When was it discovered?

The first specimens of this agate stone were found in 1933 by Fred S. Young, who was then the publisher of the Oregon Mineralogist. Since then various expeditions were undertaken to discover more of these stones.

iris agate stones

How is the light formed?

When light falls on the agate, it meets the corners of the small bands. These bands interrupt the flow of light and force it to take different paths through the thin bands of the agate. Thus, the bands work as a natural diffraction grating that diffracts the light and presents a display of spectral colors.

One thing which you have to remember when checking out this stone is that you can’t see the light effects unless you have a light source in a place where the rays of light strike the surface of the agate at a perpendicular angle. At this angle, maximum light enters the stone and you see a display of light which is amazing to look at.

Properties of Iris Agate

This semi-precious gemstone has some healing and metaphysical properties which you must know in order to make the best use of it. Here are some of the benefits you can get from this stone:

  • It can be used for manifestation. You can get your desires fulfilled when you have a strong belief in this stone.
  • It will help you relax mentally and spiritually. You can get out of stressful situations with ease when you have this stone with you.
  • It will make you want to execute more and come up with fewer excuses. It kills your laziness and makes you more productive.
  • It will help you overcome big hurdles in life. You can use this stone when you are having difficulty in figuring out the right course of action to overcome obstacles in life.

Where can you find this stone?

This stone is not found at any regular crystal store. This is a precious gem and only a few stores keep it. There are stores that sell lookalike gemstones. We recommend you to do extensive research on it in order to find the right place to buy it from. 

Can you use these stones as jewelry?

These stones are not shiny or attractive unless there is a source of light from behind the object and the observer is standing in front. This is not so popular as jewelry for this reason. However, you can still find earrings and other forms of jewelry made from this stone.