Fairburn Agate

What is Fairburn Agate?

Fairburn Agate is a unique semiprecious stone found in the Black Hills of South Dakota and North-Western Nebraska. It is officially the state gemstone of South Dakota.  It is found in shades of orange and deep-red. They are exceptionally beautiful and charming to look at. The name “Fairburn” has been derived from the town of Fairburn (the city where this stone was first discovered). Fairburn is in Georgia, United States. 

Fairburn Agates can be found in various colors. Some of the most common colors include white, purple, red, pink, black, and orange. They have a unique parallel banding which distinguishes them from other agate stones. They have a cracked surface with a unique exterior feel. They are comparatively less transparent than most other agates. They have patterns that are not found in any other agates. 

They are one of the rarest gems you can find today. That’s what makes them precious. 

Fairburn Agate

How to identify Fairburn Agates?

Fairburn agates are priceless stones. The colors formed in these stones are due to iron oxide, hematite, goethite, magnetite, and other oxidated minerals. When it comes to identifying them, you cannot, however, recognize them through their colors. There are certain other things which you have to understand in order to identify Fairburn agates. So, what are these things? Let’s find out.

  • Look for the distinct parallel banding. The concentric layers in these stones are scattered and form angles in different directions. This is what makes it look unique. 
  • Look for alternate layers in this stones with circular and semi-circular patterns.

How are Fairburn agates formed?

Fairburn agates are formed in sedimentary limestone where the calcite within the limestone, under high pressure and heat, gets replaced with silicic acid or silicon-dioxide. This leads to the formation of bands in the agate from the inside to the outside. 

Where are Fairburn Agates found?

You can find these agates everywhere in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Some of the more specific places to look for these gemstones are Rapid City, east of Custer, and west of Kadoka. The far northwest corner of Nebraska is known to have several agate grounds.

Where can I buy Fairburn Agate?

A lot of collectors collect these gemstones and sell them in their stores. You can find both online and offline stores for buying these stones. However, you have to check the authenticity of the stones before buying them.