The ultimate guide to Agate


If you thought rocks are nothing more than lifeless nuggets of gravel, then you haven’t really met agates. While the quiet, even boring, demeanor of this gemstone belies the enthralling tales it tells over the course of eons, this seemingly mild-mannered mineral weaves captivating stories of a violent yet exciting history that’s captured in stone. … Read more

Fairburn Agate

Fairburn Agate stone

Fairburn agates are a type of semiprecious stones that iare found in kern beds, which are deposits of gravel and sand that ancient rivers have left behind. Fairburn agates are priceless stones. The colors formed in these stones are due to iron oxide, hematite, goethite, magnetite, and other oxidated minerals. Note that collectors highly prize … Read more

Tree Agate

tree agate stones

The tree agate, also known as the Agate of Plenitude because it is thought to bring bountiful abundance in a plentiful harvest, is a dendritic agate that contains crystal formations that develop into tree-like and branch-likecryptocrystalline patterns, hence its name.  These are called dendrites and this foliage-looking attraction casts a spell for wearers either to … Read more

What is Iris Agate

iris agate

There is a good precedent for the rising interest in various types of agate stone. While doing things like “shining a light” on them brings out a variety of spellbinding effects, it is the seemingly mysterious transformation it makes from a mild-mannered agate stone to a polychromatic super charmer that is their allure. Iris Agate … Read more

Eye Agate

Eye Agates

An eye agate is an agate that displays one or more circular concentric layers. These marks are known as “eyes.” Hence the name “Eye Agate”. It is also known as “Tibet Agate”. The physical attribute of this stone is not very different from other agate stones. However, the one single difference of having “eyes” makes … Read more

Enhydro Agate

enhydro agate stones

There is a lot of exciting information about enhydro agate that surprises most people. But in order to tell you everything about it, I would need to write a small book. Luckily for you, I already did the research and put it in this concise article! Fun Fact:  The biggest recorded agate was discovered in … Read more